• My three herps. I can handle my pacman frog and fat tailed gecko just fine, but I’m too scared of my Crestie escaping and sticking to the ceiling so I just take his pics while he’s inside the tank. I thought my crestie was still pretty puny since I compare him to adult males, but after seeing him out today I’m pretty sure he’s grown a bit since I got him. One more thing to mention about my crestie: I only got his “good side” (his right eye is defective, it’s entirely blue). So top to bottom:

    1) Diabeto - Pacman Frog (my first herp)
    2) Java the Hutt - African Fat Tailed Gecko (my third, and latest herp)
    3) Ochi Dochi - Crested Gecko (my second herp)

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