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Don’t forget that drinking plenty of water and tea, eating a healthy diet and daily exercise will make a HUGE difference with your complexion.  Touching your face frequently is also a big no-no.  Everyone’s skin is different, so experiment with your own treatment routines and find what best suits you!!  I think this is a topic that’s almost taboo to talk about, but everyone has it, so we might as well help each other out with what we’ve found successful, right!?

Even if you have generally oily skin it’s important to moisturize . When you deprive your skin of moisture/oils, your pores secrete even MORE oil . Stay away from the scented stuff because they can be irritants . Usually lotions that contain the same compounds found in wheat/oats are great ! (I use Aveeno) . If you find lotions with some SPF in it that’s good too . 

(Source: solar-citrus)

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